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I have arrived to La Ceiba

I arrived yesterday to the city where I will be living for the next 2 weeks, La Ceiba, Honduras. I am living with a family consisting of a woman and her elderly mother. I have my own bedroom and bathroom and cable T.V.! I wasn't expecting that. That is a luxury in my travel experiences, although I like to be forced to read when I travel with the absence of a tv. I start my volunteer job tomorrow morning. I still have no idea what to expect as I haven't been given much information. I brought a suitcase full of items that I thought I could use with the kids, so I'm probably more prepared than the average volunteer coming here. I have met a few other fellow volunteers and they didn't bring anything! I guess I always try to be overly prepared when it comes to working with children because they can tell rather quickly if you are scrambling.

It's extremely hot and humid here. This is such a different experience than last summer in Peru. It was really chilly there and I wore only jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets. Now I can barely stand having anything on me at all! There is no A/C in my homestay, but luckily I have a fan in my room that I can point directly at me at all times.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting the kids tomorrow. I will report back on how that goes.
Hasta Luego,

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Another Latin American Adventure!

I just recently decided to book a trip to Honduras. I couldn't let a summer pass by without taking an international trip. It seems to help sustain me through another year. I chose Honduras for a couple reasons, one being that I have never been there and two being that it is another Spanish-speaking country. I want to continue to improve my Spanish.

I will be doing some volunteer work through a program called "Volunteer Solutions". I'll be teaching English and leading playground games at an orphanage in La Ceiba.
Where in the World??

Where in the World??

I will be staying with a family in La Ceiba. On the weekend between my two weeks of work, I'll be traveling out the the islands off the coast, Roaton and Utila. After my 2 weeks of work, I'll be making my way by bus through San Pedro Sula to a city called Copan Ruinas. I have heard great things about this city. It is smaller, with cobblestone roads and a lot of Mayan history.

If you're interested in checking out the volunteer website with some photos of kids and volunteers at the orphanage, here is the link:


I'll post again when I'm there!

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